Dragon's Wrath

Reigniting the Crusade

It’s been a long time since I was able to log anything, Being an Archon is extremely time consuming. I feel like I’ve been cooped up in the Hall of the Coiled Sun for an eternity. But realistically, it’s been about six months since our return from Mahltin. Oh, I don’t believe I logged our return all that well.

Okay, I see where I left off. The dinner. After I let Forsaken Debt go, I went back to the other Archons. Leon didn’t understand why I let him live. And it took me some time to realize why I did. As the Archon of Justice, I need to have reason behind my decisions. And although he is my enemy, he scheduled that dinner to thank me for all that I’ve done. All I’ve tried to do over the years, is save as many people as I could. I always attempted to destroy the Guild, but I never killed anyone I didn’t have to. Killing was never my goal.

Shortly after that though, I was captured by Cynis Sifa due to a foolish mistake of my own. But I escaped rather quickly. And on the way out, I found a journal from a man
named Swift Lion. He was a friend and ally of the Unconquered Wolf. Cynis Sifa was attempting to use it to find the artifact called the Diamond Shield. From my understanding, the diamond shield was an artifact that the Guild had, and The Unconquered Wolf stole and used. But after returning home with it, he gave it it Swift Lion and told him to take it far away. So I decided to take the journal and attempt to find the shield. It took us outside the city, and into the mountains to the west.

While traveling through the mountains we came across a tribe of barabarians. Luckily the journal held a note from the Unconquered Wolf for free passage. And they took us to their village. That is where we met 6000 Shines, God of the Western Mountains. He is a being made of bright shiny diamond, and he possessed the Diamond Shield. We managed to barter it from him with Kalaks help. He put on a huge light show in his name and made it unnecessary to use the shield any longer for ritualistic means.

While moving through the mountains on the return to Mahltin, we were attacked by Father Downpour and some terrestrials. Father Downpour was a fierce combatant, but in the end I bested him again. I finally delivered a killing blow to him and brought the Second Hunt from 5 members to 4.

While we were in Mahltin, a number of other things happened. We rescued some people loyal to the Ascending Phoenix. Leon had his mother’s pendant taken by the Shadow of the Mountain. Which was interesting event, because I met a fourth Shadow of the Mountain (Including myself). And the real shocker was that it was his sister.
She claimed she deserved the pendant and Leon ended up killing her for it. And Camreal discovered and stole a technological exalt of some kind trapped in some strange kind of gem. But Kalak made him return it so that we didn’t start a war with the Crimson Heron. And of course there was Leon’s fight with Kathak Atmus.

Oh and of course, Cynis Sifa laid a trap to get me to hand over the Diamond Shield.
She captured Virtuous Reed. I traded it for his life. I was so furious, But Kalak said to give it until Calibration and we would find it.

So after all of that, we decided it was time to return to Beacon and make sure everything was okay. And of course get ready for the next Calibration and Divine Banquet. We only had about 6 months. And everything must go perfectly.

Calibration was exciting, and scary. Sea of Amber Blades got us again. He got us to believe that Emperor of Creation, The Ascended Phoenix came back from the future to kill his greatest enemies, the Firebrand and the Shadow. (Myself and Leon) But really it was a Fair Folk friend of his. We couldn’t do a thing to fight him, and everything within 3 feet of him felt weird. Almost weightless. After that though, it was a fantastic celebration, and we even got an appearance by the Fab Flames, one of the most famous rock bands in Creation.

After Calibration ended, I was all ready to set out to find the Diamond Shield. But it was brought to my attention that we’ve been running ragged for ever. So the Archons decided it might be best to take some time to relax. Hang out in Beacon a while and let things wind down a bit.

Leon got acquainted with his new armor he retrieved in Mahltin. Kalak spent some time around Beacon relaxing, making plans for the future. Camreal was performing some type of ritual in the Square. And I stumbled across a caravan moving towards Beacon. Scrawled across the side of the carts, “A Guild.”

My mind started racing. I had A series of flashbacks to all the moments I’ve come upon guild caravans. All the times when I was still in the East. The later moments when I was in the south. Usually my people were the only ones to walk away I live, and there were times where not all of them did. I don’t know what brought them to the blessed Isle, but I wanted to make them leave. I started walking towards it when the familiar face greeted me. It but I wanted to make them leave. I started walking towards it when the familiar face greeted me. It was Forsaken Debt. He was the man that invited me to dinner back in Mahltin. Maybe this wasn’t as bad as I thought. We talked for a few moments politely before he asked to speak with “your leader” and I politely corrected him that the archons are all equal. But he insisted. Luckily all the other archons had spotted the incoming caravan. They walked up just moments later.

While Kalak was busy negotiating whatever trade agreements he desired, as it often went, I began to take a look at the goods on the caravan. Nothing seemed quite out of the ordinary as I walked along the line of carriages. But as I got to the end, there were two carriages that were wrapped up with large tarps. There were five men posted around them. Curious, I walked up and asked what was in those carriages. They declared that they couldn’t tell me without the permission of forsaken debt. I tried to reach past them to tear off the tarp and one of them grabbed my arm. It didn’t actually physically stop me as it did shock me. They were brave. Foolishly so.

“You have two seconds to step out of my way.” I coldly spat my angry words at him and he stared. The two seconds past, and he didn’t move. So I shoved him out-of-the-way, and tore off the tarp. Beneath the tarp I could see cages filled with people. The tarp was halfway off when his sword hit me in the back. It did not cut me, nor did it really hurt me. But the combination of the cages and the sword definitely angered me. I reached out with my mind into elsewhere, and summoned my razor claws and my God kicking boots.

Leon, who was standing around Kalak looking bored, noticed the way this was heading for these poor men. So he drew his sword and dashed closer, trying to convince them they drop their weapons. But as I said they were foolish. They understood him as trying to make them surrender, not save their lives.

That’s when I started swinging. I brought one razor claw down onto the mans sword. Thinking he had blocked my first attack, he smiled. But then I slid his blade in between my claws and flicked my wrist. The sword soared into the air and his face turned to horror. I followed up with a solid kick to the chest. He slammed into one of the cages and the bars bent. He laid unmoving.

Leon dashed forward, brought his blade to life with the fire of a dragon and turned it to blunt edge before swinging it into the chest of the second man. He flipped into the air and landed on top of the cart. He too remain unmoving.

Two men dashed at me, swinging their swords at me. In one fluid motion, I did a twirling jump through the blades and brought my razor claws across their necks. Blood sprayed, and they died moments later. Leon pleaded with the last man to lay down his sword But he was loyal. Sadly, he was loyal to the wrong people. Others who watched as their friends were killed, debated whether to jump into the fray. I decided I was going to end the debate. I grabbed the last man by the neck and gave every bit of strength into launching him into the air like a discus. The went far enough so we didn’t hear the thud. They all stood with weapons drawn.

I turned to see Kalak walking towards us. He looked just as furious as me. This was a good sign, I thought until the slap caught me off guard. I involuntarily took a knee, and looked up as he screamed. For a moment I felt like I was a child again. And then I shook the idea loose. I am stronger than that. I stood and stared him in the eye

.“They are selling slaves. And I WILL NOT HAVE IT!”

The arguing continued for a while before Kalak gave up and went back to repairing negotiations. I let the slaves out and brought them into the city. I didn’t feel the need to express my opinion further on the matter to Forsaken Debt.

After a few hours, I noticed the people seemed to be in some kind of sluggish stupor. I have had some stunned people before, but this didn’t feel right. They didn’t seem to care that they were free. I thought about the possibilities of drugs or other forms of sedation so I thought it best to call in Virtuous Reed. He did some examinations and I believe the term he used was Lobotomized. He said that part of their brains have been removed so that they lose their desire of freedom and free will. Apparently it is possible to fix it, but it will take time, so I thanked him and took my leave. “I need to rest. All the stress.” As soon as his door shut I was a blur.

The Archons, all having gone back to their business as usual, saw a streak of golden light cutting across the sky . Moments later I slammed into the ground, back In Front of the caravan again. My anima was totemic. The large image of a golden goddess, with broken chains dangling from her wrists, reaching towards the Sun with rows of followers as far as the eye could see.

“Debt, get out here! I’m not playing around!”

After a moment, he poked his head out of the lead carriage. He stepped out calmly and greeted me pleasantly.

“Who did it? Who is enslaving them, lobotomizing them? Give me everything I want to know.”

He spent the next few minutes denying any involvement. He claimed they were convicted criminals from the south. And that he didn’t know any of the people involved.

“Well personally I find it hard to believe. I have spent the greater portion of my life, dealing with you people in one way or another and I’m tired of it. I have put my crusade aside for years now, in hopes I was building something better. It’s getting harder and harder to ignore it. The diamond shield and its victims, the brain surgeons and their victims. I am the Archon of Justice. You have thirty days to find the information I want, and convince me not to bring you and your entire organization crumbling down.” I reached into elsewhere again, pulling out the pistol he gave me. “This is the Catalyst. It is supposed to start something great.” I pulled back the hammer and aimed it at him. “In thirty days, if I don’t hear from you. It will start the greatest crusade Creation has ever seen. Starting with you.” The rest of the Archons, landed around me, I turned and walked away.



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