Dragon's Wrath

Sepherenes Anger Management 5

The crew and I returned to Beacon after a little while and although I would’ve liked nothing more than a little relaxation, that’s not the
life of a “God.” Before we knew it, we were summoned to see Virtuous Reed. In our absense, he has continued with some of his science projects.
He summoned us because he realized a project of his had gone missing. He had been working on some type of cross-pollination in an attempt
to create a flower that produces firedust. You can load it into a fire wand and it goes boom. But it also has an odd side-effect. If it is
ingested in just about any way, the subject feels a rush of euphoria. The feel on top of the world, and for the most part it’s true. Because
once the spontaneous fires start spawning around them, well.. you get the idea. We hadn’t fully realized the severity of the condition until
we tried to track the thief. Before we knew it, Camreal had sniffed out enough of a trail to set fire to a rather large portion of Beacon.
We were moving through the city attempting to save as many people and homes as we could, but it was spreading too quickly. I did the only
thing I could. I used a technique I learned not too long ago and channeled my strength. I picked up Camreal and hurled him to the edge of the
city. Then I continued crashing through walls and saving the people of Beacon. The lucky thing is Gods know other gods.. Or at least in our
case. I look up into the sky to see a large tidal wave about to come washing down over the city. Riding this wave are two familiar faces.

One is a bit dragon-like and I know it to be Cobalguin, a Dragon, River-God and ally. We share the worship of Beacon in this Pantheon and
recently my Sisters have been staying with him so he can gain his strength back. He has been teaching them and they have been praying. Every
one benefits while I’ve been off in Hjubah.

The second was Drana, my second in command of our Sisters and, I suppose, my best friend. She has helped me with so much. After the death of
the Unconquered Wolf of the Diamond Shield, I exalted and everyone looked to me for leadership as they had with Wolf. But the moral of the
story was that I hadn’t been in the game nearly as long as he had. Or I think. To be honest, I hadn’t had much opportunity to hear about
Wolf. He kept everything pretty tight to the vest around us. But when I had to give everyone direction, Drana was there to help me.

And in moments the wave crashes over the city, drowning all the raging fires. The people of Beacon were saved from certain doom. But the theft
was no closer to being solved. Whoever they were, they were good..

A few days later, a message arrives at the Hall of the Coiled Sun. Cynis Indry is on his way. He will be arriving in a few days and we are
to have a meal and the Demon Scale prepared. We set everything up for him and his people. And when he arrives, I am forced to tell him that
there was a mix up with the message. I did not intend for him to come so quickly because in my haste, I misspoke. I just meant to warn him
where we were, and that I was not running out on our deal. He was not happy. I could tell that much. But at this point there was nothing he
could do about it. With how much I’ve helped him, he still owed me. The Demon Scale is the find of a century, not to mention the history
associated with it.

We begin to figure out our next move. With only 5 months left until Calibration, we start to look into the remaining deal we have with the
time limit of the new Year. I should clarify. With the Chitin business taken care of, the only deal left is the two artifacts that have
been promised to the Shadow of the Mountain. Kalak made a deal with this Abyssal back near the beginning of the year and has since delayed
returning these artifacts to him because there was another bargain with Nelens Wysell saying that he could use them as blackmail against the
House Regara. So in the months since, we’ve been letting Wysell take them to the Imperial City to be used in the “Deliberative.”

Sure enough, before we can have a discussion about this, news comes from the Imperial City. The meeting in the Deliberative was scheduled
to be held within a week. Quite frankly, I thought Kalak was going to have a bad run of luck, because even in all my power traveling from
Beacon to the Imperial city would take at least eight times that amount. I thought we were going to have to chalk it up to a loss before we
realized just how much we are capable of.

As it turns out, we have an air aspect inside Beacon that has consistent contact with a Sidereal, Siphon of the Blue Void. And his mission is
to get us Solar Exalts into power and ruling creation again. It’s quite a great idea, honestly. Although I’m entirely unsure how one would
go about ruling all of creation.. The Air Aspect happens to know a teleport spell that can put us anywhere on creation instantly. At first, it
seemed to be a problem because the spell is a one way ticket. (ANACHRONISM!) But the Gold Faction has a base set up in the city.

So we spend the day preparing the spell and packing our things. Eventually everyone is standing in a room with the Air Aspect, Siphon
of the Blue Void and Shadow of the Mountain. It takes a few minutes to explain the situation such as where we will be arriving, how much time
we have in the city, and any other miscellaneous information. And all the while a small breeze is swirling through the room. I remember thinking
about the possible consequences of going into the Imperial City as the wind picked up and erased it from my mind. It almost felt as if I had to
hold my ground against the wind, but at the same time weightless. All of a sudden the world around me went black, then white. It was as if I was
a living painting on a blank canvas. And suddenly details began to appear before my eyes. First the outlines, then the colors, then the textures.
It appears like one of I-Am’s rendered images when he’s multitasking too much. But soon enough, it’s as if we’ve been in that room the whole time.

I take a look around and we seem to be in some type of clocktower with a bunch of machines set up and a dozen people working furiously on
something. We were introduced to the Gold Faction members, given Realm disguises, and shown a large map of the city. And we get to work
immediately concocting a plan…

Its been six days.. We have no idea what we’re doing. Especially me. I’m currently locked inside a vault in the museum. It all started last week
when we tried to set up a master plan for this “Heist”, as Kalak called it. We found out all the possible routes the Yeddim could take. Yeddim are
massive mammoths the Dragon-bloods use for hauling. We did a stake out on the factory that destroys and rebuilds the artifacts. We came up with a ton
of different ideas. I thought it would be a good idea to hide inside the museum and wait for the Curator to open it. And sure enough he did. I attempted
to sneak past him on his way out. And although I got what I desired, I could swear he saw me. And winked. Of course, he then shut the door behind me and
locked me in here. For all I know, when it opens I will be greeted by the 100 most powerful dragon bloods in the Imperial City. It appears empty, and the
floor is covered in what I can only describe as pressure plates.

So we’ve made it out of Imperial City. I was not in a favorable position when the morning came. I heard the door unlocking, and used an essence technique
to make the eyes of others pass over me without hesitation. But I was standing in the center of the vault, which was exactly where they were to put the large
chest. I saw Curator walk in, chest in hand and walked directly to me. I could tell there would not be enough room on the plate where I was standing. It was
either me or the chest. So I did the only thing I could and stepped backwards. There was a loud click and the Curator looked up from the chest. And looked
me right in the eye. “Oh no! I think someone is in here!” he yelled. And the door shut.

What happened next was all done in such a blur, I never stood a chance. The chest dropped to the floor, he kicked the chest into me, and it threw me into the
wall. I opened my eyes, the chest pinning me to the back of the wall and the curator standing right on the other side of it. With all my strength, I pushed
back against him, but it was clearly pointless. The curator was not happy about thieves stealing from him. I attempted to persuade him with the idea that he
couldn’t stop us. There were too many. But I was wrong, yet again. He said we werent leaving with it, but he would allow us to leave. Since he didn’t want to
out me and have me killed, despite it being simpler, I decided it was time for a gambit.

“I once traded a treasured artifact from an immaculate monk for the Ascending Phoenix. And then stole the Phoenix back from him.” The scale tipped. But in no
time it tipped back in the Curators favor.

“I am worshiped by an entire city as a God!” I yelled. I thought I had him. That was it. The scale was tipped so far.

“I am the Shadow of the Mountain and my presence extends far beyond my physical being!” The scale flipped on me, and the next thing I know I am laying on the
ground and I have to fight to remain conscious. I felt myself being lifted, and there is a loud clang as I can only assume the door opens. I remember thinking
“This is it. I’ve pushed it too far this time. We’ve all been had. That Abyssal tricked us into coming to the Imperial City. And now I’ve doomed us all.”
But as Creation has shown me many times, I am almost always incorrect.

The Shadow of the Mountain is an ancient Night Caste from the First Age. He has been the curator for pretty much ever. And he has a group of people that move
throughout Creation and thieve under the name Shado"ww of the Mountain. I never stood a chance in that “Weigh-In.” He had the deeds of presumably hundreds to
help him, not to mention everything he has done.

He was forgiving though. He allowed us to leave, he even gave us the artifacts, but for a price. Apparently the Hall of the Coiled Sun was once inhabited by
some very dear friends of his, and our suits were once owned by them. He said if we handed in the suits, we could take them. So we did. Before we left, he
also extended me an offer if I chose. I could be a Shadow of the Mountain. Of course I accepted. After that, we ran away yelling “The Shadow of the Mountain
had done it again!” We ran to the clock tower. And before we knew it, we were rendering again. We were back in Beacon.



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