Dragon's Wrath

Sepherene's Anger Management Log III

As I last left off, we were relaxing in the Fluid Residence after visiting the museum. We
took a small amount of time to discuss the things I found there. From what it appears, theoriginal manse of Hjubah that had caused the explosion that destroyed the city was no ordinary manse. Based on the evidence I found, it would appear that two people were the only ones to ever attune to it. Those people were the Scarlett Empress and the Prefect of Hjubah. And until now, they were probably the only ones that knew its true design.

Cynis Indry opened the vault he was looking for a few days ago, as I’ve already said. And
from it we recieved the Demon Scale. As we now know for sure, that vault was part of the original manse. And they were most definitely linked. The manse by design is one hundred percent, a malfean manse. It was a manse drawing energy from hell. And those attuned to it have the ability to operate the Demon Scale.

Now with those two being the only ones that have attuned to it, I have reason to believe
that if the manse is still intact, then it would be free to attune to. After all, the prefect is dead. And the Scarlett Empress has been missing for a very long time. It is thought that she is dead, of course nobody knows how.

I spent much of the night writing, and plotting. I don’t trust any of these men with the
true power of the Demon Scale. I can not allow them to get their hands on a hearthstone. I believe the best way to ensure the Demon Scale is used for purposes worthy of the Unconquered, is for me to monitor its use. So I must find a way to distract the rest of them and tear them away from the search for the manse. But things have been so crazy it is impossible to tell whats going to happen.

After all, when we awoke we decided our next action would be to try and find the Prefect’s spirit. Hopefully, it is still lingering in Hjubah. But if we can find him we can surely
find out more about the location to this manse. Or some valuable information to how it
operated. To know how something works is the best way to know how break it and how to fix it.

We followed the aquaducts as far as we could. And then started to move among the ruins. We saw the Citadel of points, but continued on. We figured the best place to start would be the Temple. So we continued walking. We moved around skyscraper after skyscraper until we thought there couldn’t be anymore. All of a sudden we turn a corner, to where the Temple should be and see a huge wall in front of us.

Everyone begins to investigate by moving around it, I decided it would be much faster to reach the top of it. So me and Camreal race to the top and after I soar into the air, I
look down to see the Temple on top of a huge hexagonal pillar with a diameter of a few
hundred feet. But the are stairs to get to the top of it. And so I contact I-am to tell
him to share this information with them. Eventually we are all on top of the hexagon.

The Temple is very obviously a temple of the air. There are sails covering almost the
whole thing. As we enter we feel a cool, constant, and controlled breeze going through the entire temple. Kalak suggests that we split up and search the place. I find the Essence Affairs Chamber. And begin looking through things. I don’t find much of value except for a name. Twenty Feathered Stride. The God of Hjubah. He’s gotta know the most. And whether they know it or not, I’m going to find him.

During this time, everyone has come up empty. Camreal has attempted to summon the the Prefect’s spirit. But he wound up summoning a different one. That spirit told us that the prefect left, because he used to have weekly meetings with Twenty Feathered Stride. Sadly, we are not sure where to look for him. These meetings constantly changed places. So it seems as if our only hope is Twenty Feathered Stride.

As this conversation ends, we hear a bell ring. The bell is clearly at the top of the Temple. It seemed completely normal until the shrieking started. And the metal on metal grinding. Curious what was happening, we turn towards the exit and see outside the door, there are skyscapers breaking apart and shifting, and rebuilding itself. After a few moments, it is clear the shape it is taking. A Dragon.

Faced with untold danger from a giant dragon made out of the ruins of Hjubah, I weighed the odds of activating my armor. The pros outweigh the cons.

“Stealth mode: Engage.”

All of a sudden, I felt a pulling from the center of hmy chest. It was an extremely
uncomfortable feeling. To push away the nausea, I had to close my eyes. After a second,
the feeling leaves and as I reopen my eyes, I find all of the equipment missing. My things. All of it. Armor, hearthstones, everything. Boots! Claws!

I began to feel weak. They were just gone. How could they be gone. After I began checking my body to see if all of it was just invisible I realized I could bare skin. I could tell I was no longer weighed down by all the metal. My vision started to fade. One of the last things I heard was “Why aren’t you running?!” (See flashback 1)

When I gained control of myself again, I realized the dragon was staring right at me.
And nobody else was to be seen. To I gave everything bit of my energy I could to fleeing
from this giant beast. I leapt from the temple, landed on the aquaducts and took off as
fast as my feet and essence could take me. It was moving straight towards me, and I
dodged every one of its attacks until we heard a bell. The dragon disintegrated. And I was safe once again. But my things were gone. On my own, hidden in the aquaducts, I gave into a moment of weakness and shed a single tear for the loss of such important gifts. How irresponsible I was for doing such a thing. I knew that my armor did not agree with the flow of essence around Hjubah. Well, its no matter. I realized I have to get back to the group. So here I am taking a few moments to scribble my thoughts in my journal. It can hold my emotions for now. It’s not a good idea for me to bring them back to the group. I only hope I do not seem fragile when I return.

Hopefully someone will be able to find me some.. gear. I mean, we are headed to the Citadel of Points. The spirit did mention that was a location for meetings at one point.


We arrived at the Citadel. It appears to be inhabited by spirits of the Guards of Hjubah. I moved further into the Citadel and found myself some weaponry and armor. Just something temporary while I-am runs a diagnostic on my armor. He may be able to tell me what happened to it. We are unsure what to do at this point. Oh no.. there’s another rumble.. Please don’t be the dragon.



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