Dragon's Wrath

Sepherene's Anger Management Log IV

Inspection… What kind of inspection? The ghostly soldiers were moving to some type of predetermined positions around the Citadel of Points. Some were on the walls looking out into the distance, but all of them were at complete attention. Kalak and I moved up on to the walls while Camreal and Leon ran away. The Dust Dragon was beginning to form off in the distance. Kalak and I watched as the Dragon moved closer and closer. I began demanding it declare itself, attempting to see if it was sentient. After all, if it could inspect the soldiers, it had to be capable of thought. But it simply ignored me. It came right up to the gates and waited for them to open. And as soon as they did it strolled through the courtyard, making sure everything was in its rightful place. Everyone took turns attempting to interact with it. Some more aggressive than others. Camreal ended up ok though. Kalak was finally the one to get through to the thing, once it realized the true power of his presence. He started talking to it, but all it could do is screech and metallic roar. Leon and I watched from a safe distance while the communication attempts still fail. All the while that’s happening, Camreal moves into the Citadel and notices a few guards that are acting differently. Instead of standing motionless and staring blankly, there were a few of them that were attempting to pick up pieces of a window and wall and place them back together. After a moment they complete it, and the Dragon begins to dissolve. We watch as the remnants of the dragon crash to the ground. But as that happens, I see a tiny glint of light. It was falling as if part of the Dragon. It was a sickly green that turned my stomach.And it was gone as quickly as it had come. My first thought was that maybe it was a side effect of the erratic essence flows through Hjubah mixed with geomancy of the defenses. I request Leons papers he found in the Temple we had been at a few hours prior. After a few moments of research I found that my hypothesis was incorrect. Next, my thoughts wandered to the Shining Path. They did have some weird green torches. But then on the last bit of records that Leon gave me, I notice some reports that talk of an eerie green light making people sick. Complaints they sound like. But I decided to go back to the Temple to find proof. After tearing the Temple apart looking for proof, I found the reports I was looking for.

They explain in greater detail the complaints that were coming in about the light. They
seemed to be centralized around the Manse but there were sightings all over the city.
Eventually all the information lead back to the Prefect. Something around him, or the Prefect himself, was causing this green light. And since we were searching for him, that would mean..I rushed back to the Citadel knowing now just how screwed we might be.

We attempted to summon the Prefects soul after I filled everyone in on the details. But there was no success. It doesn’t make any sense. If the green came from the Dragon, then that would mean that the Prefect is involved with it. But we could not bring his soul back. After a bit of thought we decide to go in and call it a night. It was geting dark anyway. I could not help but wrack my brain over and over trying to make sense of this. This all makes sense somehow. We lay down for the night, ghostly soldiers leaving us to ourselves. I was asleep as soon as my eyes were closed. It was definitely a long day. Although, that seems to be the pattern in Hjubah. I did not rest easy though. I was plagued by dreams of a dark, rocky manse floating high above the city and slowly drifting back down into its rightful place, coincidentally crushing the Shining Path. Or it popping back its existence and them being simply wiped away in place of it. I continuously saw flashes of the paintings I found in the library. The Scarlet Empress stared deep into my eyes with her cruel, evil eyes and her arrogant grin. Knowing the knowledge I seek is so clearly out of my grasp. I could almost see her taking the hearthstone and swinging it in front of my face. That green star. All seven points. Seven

reasons I can’t find it. Its nauseating. The green stone..

I woke with a startle. Sitting up immediately, I yell “Of course!” Everyone behind me awakes but I pay them no attention. I merely put on my shoes and go sprinting out into the rubble of the Dust Dragon. Using whatever strength I have in me, I start tearing through the remnants of skyscapers and other building and materials that made up such a fearsome beast. After what seems like forever I reach the bottom. I turn over what had to be the last stone for what felt like the fifth time and there it is. I found it. I see a green stone, fashioned into a seven pointed star. And it was just lying there at my feet. I reached down and picked it up. And in the time it took me to stand up straight, it crumbled to dust in my fingertips. “What? No! NO! NO! NO!” I’m sure I heard the others standing behind saying things like “She’s lost her mind, huh?” But I was too busy trying to think about what just happened. “I don’t understand. It was right there!” After a few minutes I give up and go back inside and attempt to get some actual rest. But it doesn’t even matter. “At this rate, we’ll be dead by calibration.” We woke the next morning ready to start again. This time Kalak has an idea. He decides to try summoning Twenty Feathered Stride. He tells the tale of our group because he heard that is how Twenty Feathered was worshiped. Sure enough, at the end of the tale, the ground began to rumble. The dragon reappeared from the rubble I had thrown everywhere a few hours ago while searching for the hearthstone. And this time it took no effort for Kalak to gather its attention towards him. He asked it questions again but all it could do was screech. Then Kalak grabbed a stick and carved a large question in the ground. “Can you understand this?” And it carved a positive answer into the ground. This continued a time or two and eventually it said it would show us the Prefect. The dragons eyes, one small blue and one larger yellow, changed sizes. The blue was now bigger. Also, the body language changed. The way the Dragon held itself changed slightly. “You’re the Prefect?” I asked. And again, the giant finger made of rock and metal dragged its way through the ground. YES. “We are looking for the manse. The one that you were attuned to. Do you know where it is?” Instead of carving a message in the ground this time, it simply head out it’s gigantic hand in front of me. I looked closer. In the center of its hand sat the hearthstone. It held it there as if waiting for me to take it. I slowly reached out and took it from its hand. And this time it didn’t turn to dust. It was real. I started to attune to it. The nausea was hitting me hard. I didn’t realize I was starting fade into unconsciousness. But I was brought back to reality when I heard a loud screeching metal sound. I stared up, trying to get my eyes to focus. The Dragon was roaring and the yellow eye was larger again. Twenty Feathered Stride was angry. I could see large chunks of the Dragon falling to the ground. It seemed to be falling apart without the power of the Manse. It started attacking and we started fleeing. Everything was kind of hazy, but I remember Camreal flying at me in full human form. It took me a second to realize that he can’t fly of his own power when in human form. I thought it would be a great idea to use essence to phase past him. Until I realized how fast he was going to slam into the ground. I grabbed his legs and even with my strength we tumbled to the ground. Although I did slow him down enough to prevent him from becoming a hieroglyph. There was a bright flash and Leon was up by its head. I was about to call him insane before I realized he was saving Kalak. A few moments later the Dragon fell to pieces and we were walking back to the Fluid Residence. I had the Seven Pointed Star and we just had to go and try the Scale. When we returned, it was straight to the hearthroom. I put the hearthstone in the scale and it was a seamless fit. That’s when I heard a new voice. And sitting on the scale was a small impish devil. He said his name was Gavol. And that we were now stuck with each other. He said he is the First Circle Demon who was tasked with being the Judge of the Scale. Except instead of being there when the scale is used, he is there all the time. As long as I am attuned to them, he is there. And at first he didn’t tell me, but I’m the only one that can see him. I feel like this will wear on me after a while. But he says that he will share all of the secrets of the Scale with me as time goes on. After trying to convince the others to try and wager the power of their souls against one another and getting nowhere, I went to Indry and explained that I would like to test the scale. He got the Tepets to come and wager it out. In the end, Tepet Felo won over Xuma but I think finally realizing that they did all of those things together brought them closer as siblings. So since I knew how the scale worked, we were free to leave Hjubah. Or so I thought. Apparently, Leon does have a trait or two of his people and I don’t mean the power over fire. I will admit, when he told me that Kathak Draven was in Hjubah and he’s been watching us, I wanted to kill him. I’ve killed fire aspects before and I’m sure I will do it again. It may even be Leon. But sadly, I was able to keep my frame of mind and maintain enough restraint. I’m pretty sure he’ll still be able to see my handprint on his face a week from now. It took me a while to calm down but once I did, he was able to explain the full situation to me. He had sent an ally of his to follow Draven and report in and give us an idea of when he was coming. But on his way back to us, it became known that he was being followed. He ended up leading them right to Hjubah. So apparently, the blue haired woman I saw a few days ago, was one of Dravens people. That’s when he found out they were in Hjubah. They said that we are not to leave the city and that Leon has to hand in the Ascending Phoenix or we all die. We all talk about our options for pretty much ever. And finally we decide to find another way out of the city. That’s when I had the idea. I told them I would like to stay behind. I was going to talk with Gavol. Leon caught on and decided to stay also. He decided it would be a bad idea, if Kathak saw him out searching for secret tunnels. Once everyone had left, I turned to Leon. “I understand why you did what you did. I want to trust you and Kalak and Camreal. But with that being said, we have agreed on two things. And I think it’s time we took care of them.” Leon and I arrived in the blotch in no time. We knocked on the door, brought in a crate of “supplies” and walked straight down to the two guiding lights of the Shining Path. I started off the conversation by asking them for help. But they didnt seem inclined. I even tried persuading them by telling them that the Wyld Hunt wants their son. Their response was more or less a giant “So?” I tried to pluck at their heartstrings by explaining I would love to bring his body back but they love to burn the Anathema. And all their compassion for their first born child amounted to “Well be sure to sweep up the ashes for us.” The monsters they’ve become since the Deathlord got his hands on their souls. I couldn’t keep this up much longer. I was being filled with rage by these evil bastards. Finally, I gave up restraint. “Well it seems you can’t help us. Leon? It would seem this was a USELESS effort…” Then he proceeded to take the “supplies” and does a polite half bow directly in front of them, before blowing the crate up. It all happened so quickly after this. We both phased from the physical plane for an instant with our essence techniques. Just long enough to dodge the explosions. Apparently when we came in with one of the crates of “supplies” the Juggernaut took it upon himself to bring the rest of them inside. When we returned to our natural state, we were standing on the Jade platform that made the vault. The cathedral was dust. And crouching and covering Camreal’s parents was the Juggernaut. It stood up and revealed their mangled bodies but they were clearly still alive. I stared into the sky and saw thousands of souls that the Shining Path had been collecting, flying off across the city. There was no time to deal with that though. I looked over at Leon. “I’ll keep him busy. Finish this.” I turned and brought

up the scale. I dashed forward and as I was swinging the scale towards the top of the Juggernaut. I heard the familiar voice of the little devil on my shoulder. “Extend the orbs chains.” I willed it and although my attack initially missed, the chains extended much farther than I thought possible and wrapped completely around the Juggernaut. “Indestructible. He wont be breaking those.” That’s when I saw the jets of flame and smelled the burning flesh. They were dead for sure. Everything went white for a moment.

I ran up as fast as I could, slamming my fists on the door as hard as I could. “HELP!

SOMEBODY!” Wolf was waiting down the hill counting to thirty before he followed. As the door opened, I saw a man in Immaculate robes standing there. He did not seemed pleased. “Please sir, I’m being chased by bandits. Do you offer safety?” He stopped just a moment to consider the options. “Very well. Come in, dea-” His eyes shot over my head to the man charging up the hill. I had no idea how he knew, but before I could enter the doorway he shoved me back and yelled, “Anathema!!!” As the door shuts, Wolf charges into it. There’s a loud crack and it doesn’t budge. “That was fast. Normally it takes a whole minute before the covers blown..” He throws his shoulder into it one last time, and the door finally gives out. He stumbles through, and sees two men, each with
daiklaves. They glance at each other and take a stance. I attempt to sneak through the doorway but there seems to be something stopping me. Something I can’t see. Before I can react, a fierce battle begins. Swords slash faster than my eyes can blink. The Wolf starts to give off an intense light and the two men surround themselves with a fiery aura. I took my razor claws, slashing against the solid air. I gave it a good kick and still nothing. I had to help him. That’s when I saw it. One of the men leaped over the Wolf, landed on the other side of him, and put his hand out. Flame spilled out over the Wolf in an instant. And his skin was vanishing before my eyes. “NOOO!!!” Tears started to well up. There was a flash of white again.

I came to and I felt as if I could still hear the screaming. As my vision cleared, almost no time had passed. But I did hear the screaming. It was from the Juggernaut, who was still pulling at the chains of the Scale. But it did him no good. It almost sounded like the Juggernaut was…crying. Then out of the jade came large red spines, splitting the jade. One of them opened and out came Chitin.He seemed a normal size man, but he had large red gauntlets and a very cold look in his eyes. The Juggernaut finally untangled himself from the chains and ran at the new opponent. But with no effort Chitin pushed him back and tore the armor open. He turned away back towards the bodies. He reached out towards Leon and pushed him aside gently. And then he bent down and tore dark, nasty energy from their chest. I’m sure it was their soul and exaltation. Chitin stood back up and went for the juggernaut. I stepped forward and saw a child sitting inside the armor. “Chitin. He is a boy. He is not necessary.” I was hoping I did not just make myself an target of his frustrations. "Very well. You know, as the

contract says, you can call on me. I will uphold that." And he was gone.

Before me and Leon had time to discuss what we’ve done Kalak came crashing down to the jade platform we’ve been standing on. For what felt like the hundreth time I heard him yell “What did you do?” At first I tried to explain but then Leon had the idea to have I-am show him a video of the goings on with Camreal’s parents. So we discussed what we did. But we conveniently left out the part about Chitin. And then they said that we have a way out. We went back to the Fluid Residence and after ensuring nobody would witness our escape, we ran off into a dark secret tunnel. We walked for days. Even weeks. Eventually we came out exactly where Kalak thought we would. He has a friend with a large snake and a tunnel network to a ton of cities around the plains, including Beacon. So we’ve been inside this snake for about 18 hours now. We’ll be back to our home any time now.



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