Dragon's Wrath

Sepherene's Diary 1

So I’ve decided to continue writing again, after the last “mission” I’ve gone on. It all started when we arrived back from Imperial City. Cynis Indry had

been pushing the “Demon Scale” business. So I soon found that I didn’t have much time to hand over the scale. I put together a plan, and decided I would march
with him and his men to Psiap’s Stairs, or where ever it was that he was taking it. So I explained to the rest what exactly the situation was and that I would
return within the month.

In the days I spent preparing for the trip, we all began to notice the Gold Legion, Cynis Indry’s men, moving around Beacon and making notes on architecture,

building’s locations, and other important information. It was not unusual for them to be doing such things. After all, that was what they had done in Hjubah to
attempt to find the Vault which held the Demon Scale to begin with. But the other Archons and I felt as if these notes got into the wrong hands that it could be
bad news for us, especially if the hands in question were the dirty hands of the Wyld Hunt. Beacon would be invaded before Kalak could make an inspiring speech
about it…

Three days into the trip to the Stair, we stopped at some open clearing. He gave them an order which I hadn’t entirely heard and they began to spread out

through the clearing and lay a bunch of open pieces of paper on the ground. Once they were finished they all stepped out of the way and I took a look at what
they’ve arranged. It was a large, detailed and functional map of Beacon. Cynis Indry immediately turned to me and began to strike a deal. He asked that if I
wish the map to be destroyed that I should not protest that he put a clamp of some sort on the scale. It was something to magically mark it as his own. It’s
intent is so that when the time comes, if I do not wish to give up the Scale I do not have to power to withhold it from him. He assured me that when he brought
it to the Stair, it would be removed and I could do as I wished. So I complied and took a metaphorical spooful from a bottle labeled Sepherene’s medicine…

A few weeks later, with the map long-burned to ashes, we arrived in Psiap’s Stair. It was a large city, and it housed some type Dragon-blooded training

center. I forget what it was called. Kalak and Leon reminded me a few times. And Indry mentioned it so many that I felt like I should know it more than my own
mother’s name, but it’s hard to remember all of these things about the Realm. I went in with Indry to deliver the Scale. I handed it to him to carry. We trekked
up the beginning of a small mountain where the training center was. We went inside and climbed nearly to the top of that, before we found the hallway that lead
to the “Headmaster’s Quarters.” I didn’t do much while I was there. I may not have even spoken. But I watched the whole trade go down. I watched them talk like
friends. And at one point, I even swear the Headmaster began to stare at me. By the time Indry began to leave, I almost couldn’t stop myself from running out.
I glanced behind me aswe walked down the hall and he was there, staring at me still. I knew that something had gone wrong…

Knowing I didn’t have a lot of time to come up with a plan, and assuming he was suspecting me of being some impostor, I didn’t think it was wise for me to

even leave the training center. I would just hide out inside somewhere and wait for the time to strike. After a few hours, the clock struck midnight. I figured
now would be best. Most of the Dragon-bloods would be asleep. So as I snuck through the hall and decisively incapaciated the few people patrolling the halls, I
soon found myself in the same hallway. I saw two doors: the one to the Headmaster’s quarters and another that Indry had pointed out to be the one he would keep it
in. I crept over, and listened. I heard no movement inside and saw no light coming from under the door. I attempted to text the knob and it was in fact open. This
had to be a trap. But at this point, huddled down in front of a door there was nothing else to do but spring the trap. I silently swung the door open enough for me
to slide in, and smoothly closed it behind me. I turned around to see the Scale standing in the center of the room and the hearthstone was still fitted inside.
Gavol was doing pull-ups on one of the crossbars of the scale. “Hey! You came back for me!!” I was almost startled by the fact that he was yelling, but I
remembered that I’m the only one unlucky enough to be able to hear him. “Hey, to you too.” I whispered, “Now let’s get out of here.” I grabbed the Scale, and spun
around to run out the door and then I realized I almost forgot something. I took out the piece of paper in my pocket and folded it in half to stand it up. The side
facing the door has a symbol of a shadowy mountain. I set it right in the center of the room where the Scale was a moment before. I turned back around to see that I
had failed. The Headmaster was in the doorway…

“Are you here alone?” is the question that sticks in my mind the most. I wasn’t sure how to handle it. It’s obvious he recognized me. He is curious whether the

Ascending Phoenix is here. If he can end the Rebellion and the damage the “Heretics” cause right now. But if I tell him they are not here, then I may invited a fight
that I can not hope to win. “Are you alone here?” I’m not sure whether he repeated it or I asked it so many times that my ears are finally convincing me he said it.
“I am. I do not need them. I am the Shadow of the Mountain.” And before I knew what was happening he moved out of my way and allowed me to go free. “The Shadow of
the Mountain has struck again!” I soared through the hallways before the dragon-bloods could respond to my screams.

The Divine Banquet. That is the idea I returned to Beacon to find out about. The Archons are in the middle of near-open war with the Realm and Kalak wants to

throw a party. It sounds about right. At first, I thought it was a very dumb idea but it turns out there have been some developments since I left with Indry. Siphon
of the Blue Void came by to let us know that the Wyld Hunt has been called off. It appears no one seems to know why, but apparently some other threat has begun to
crawl out of the shadows. I suppose we’re very lucky. So with this newly discovered time of peace, we get to work on the gathering allies. Which I suppose means
preparing for the Divine Banquet.

Every new year, during the five day calibration, the Hall of the Coiled Sun was the place to be. Lord Circon would throw a party for all of the Dragonswrath

Plains, including Gods, Elementals, and Exalts. If all goes as planned we are going to spend the next 21 months preparing a festival of such magnitude the Gods will
have no other choice but to ally themselves with us. We shall show ourselves to be capable of orchestrating large affairs, entertaining supernatural beings, and that
we are fair and just people deserving to rule their lands. If we can sway the Gods, the people and cities will follow in suit…

I’ve just returned from the Dragon’s Gate. It was quite an adventure. We met with the God, Diegan, to discuss a possible alliance and to invite him to the Divine

Banquet. He was glad to help us as soon as we proved to him that the Scarlet Empress was gone and the Realm had been lying to him for years. After that betrayal, he
wanted nothing to do with them. But that left us with one problem. The Realm cities that were on either side of him had warehouses that were wired to his gate and
slowly sapped his essence to power their war machines. We needed to break the machine connected to his gates. I suggested that Camreal and I go to the base that is
“Less Guarded.” While sending Kalak and Leon to handle the “war bunker” that was the other warehouse. They agreed and we set out on our separate ways. Ours was simple.
I went in, stole a warstrider and attempted to blow up the building. In the mean time, Camreal snuck over and worked his geomancy to overload the machines and make
sure the machines will never operate again. I don’t entirely know what happened in the other one but from what I understand, Kalak almost died. And Leon had to save
him by using that new fiery cape. Maybe we can trust Leon…

Day 5 of Preparation

We’ve finally give everyone their jobs for the next 21 months. A large portion of the people are rebuilding the city after the little firepollen incident. That

will take time. It would be best if the whole city was completed by the time the gods arrive. I got stuck with invitations.

Day 45 of Preparation-

A large portion of invitations were filled out incorrectly. Faron didn’t entirely explain how but we have to redo 200 invitations and summonings..

Day 85 of Preparation

We are attempting to get all the invitations prepared. But we lack the man power. The City is taking longer than expected but everything else is going well. The

Decorations could probably be finished in a month if we were still so far away.

Day 210 of Preparation

Cutters do not cook well. But one did fall into a cauldron of steamed beetles. We’re not sure whether it would but considered an exotic twist or an insult. I

constantly find myself exhaus

Day 315 of Preparation

We’re halfway to Calibration and nothing is complete. I’ve begun to worry that we’ve bitten off more than we can chew. I mean, who knew so many Gods eat cats?

Day 450 of Preparation

Invitations are finally complete. I can finally sit back and relax. This is such a relief. I just have to wait for everyone to finish their assignments. And I

just received news that the city is fully repaired.

Day 451 of Preparation

I hate this banquet. Why am I gardening now?

Day 525 of Preparation

Kalak has set up some kind of electric instrument orchestra so that he can perform for the Gods. I hope it’s enough for them.

Day 600 of Preparation

Everything is just about done. We have a month until Calibration and everything is set up. Now we just have to hope everyone arrives.

Day 1 of Calibration

It is starting in just under an hour. I told everyone I needed a few minutes to calm down. I figured I would come and make another small passage. It truly is

a terrifying thought that we have to entertain hundreds of Gods for 5 whole days hoping that nothing goes wrong. At least we know Silken Venom isn’t going to do
anything crazy. He’s been willing to help us this whole time.

Four hours later

I’m going to kill Silken Venom. How dare he kill the Sea of Amber Blades?! Investigation is necessary but it will not take long.

Day 3 of Calibration- Mid-day

We’ve investigated the last of the usual suspects. I can’t believe none of them have done it. I’m not sure why anyone else would’e. There’s no motive.

Day 4 of Calibration

Nobody knows that the Sea of Amber Blades is dead. And we saw another star fall. We can only assume another God has died. In an attempt to give a reason to note

attendance, I orchestrated the greatest game of hide and seek creation has ever known. Seven hours later, it ended. It was a bad idea. But we discovered it wasn’t
one of ours. I suppose it was just a coincidence…

Day 5 of Calibration

We got all the way to the end of the Ceremony without anyone realizing he was dead. There was one thing that Faron didn’t mention. The Sea of Amber Blades is

supposed to make a speech declaring how good the Banquet was. We were just about to come out with the news, when there was a commotion down in the town square. A
straw hat erupted into a burst of fire and light. And within a moment, the Sea of Amber Blades was there. Alive and Well. He congratulated us on the Divine Banquet
being the best one he’s ever attended. He declared that everyone else should come back next year. And then the fireworks started. I remember looking up at the sky,
thinking to myself “They surprised us with fireworks!” It was an uplifting moment after finding out I’ve been chasing ghosts for 5 days for absolutely no other
reason than a dumb prank. I heard someone behind me ask Sea of Amber Blades about the second shooting star and how he made them fall. I knew what his response was
going to be before he could even say. Those weren’t fireworks. They were shooting stars. And their numbers may be in the hundreds…

It’s been 6 months since Calibration. Time has been flying by recently. It is alarming. We still have no idea what happened to the stars. The Loom of Fate is

going nuts all the time. Apparently nobody in Yu-Shan can read it. And I just left a meeting Siphon of the Blue Void where he told us that we are being hunted again.
Luckily, it’s not the true Wyld Hunt. But it is definitely not going to be easy. They asked for volunteers to form a hunt, so naturally five of our greatest enemies
decided to form up. They include Father Downpour, Magistrate Falchion, Cathak Atmus, a high-level Guild official, and someone else. I remember them saying something
about the fifth member killing one of this circle right before I became part of it, two years ago. Knowing this now, I’m not sure whether I was allowed to help because
of my value or as a replacement of their “Mapis Maluni” or whatever. One of Camreal’s trees on the edge of the city just lit up. I supppose I should go check it out…

As I investigated the trees. I found a guard of Beacon saying that this has been happening recently and three guards have gone missing recently. I decided to

go investigate, so I contacted I-am and requested he alert the others. Along the way, there were some rather large bees that attacked. It was odd, but not nearly
as alarming as we would come to find out. When we reach a small abandoned farm house, we found 6 people that had been mutated into monsters. Apparently, Leon
recognized it as the Wyld Pox. It is an infectious disease that pops up around the Dragonswrath plains now and again. And it has rapid effects of the Wyld. We used
I-am to contact Virtuous Reed and when he arrived, he had brought along one of Leon’s henchmen. They brought news that in our absence, The Hall of the Coiled Sun was
infiltrated and Silas was injured. So we were forced to hurry back in case something went terribly wrong. As it turns out, Silas stumbled upon someone inside the Hearth
room and they attacked him. We investigated the room after we were sure Silas was going to make it. They opened up a map of the Dragonswrath plains and stabbed into the
city of Mhaltin was a large blade that had words running up the side that read “All Ties Must End.” Surrounding the dagger were four items but I’m afraid the Guild
crest is the only one that I can think of. It is burned into my mind so deeply. This is the most threatened I’ve felt since my escape. The Wyld Hunt, although more
powerful, was not as terrifying because it wasn’t as personal. This is someone that knows what I have done, and some would say I have wronged. We’ve all discussed
what we want to do about this and it seems we are all on the same page. We can not sit by and be hunted. Effective immediately, we are going to Mhaltin and we will
make the hunters become the Hunted…

We went through the armory, gathered our gear, alerted everyone to our trip and gathered the other exalts to let them know that they are the last line of defense

while we are gone. We saddled up our horses and began to ride across the plains. Days later, we are coming up over a hill and we began to feel a pulsing through
the ground. It felt almost like a heartbeat. Ba-Bum. Ba-Bum. Ba-Bum. And as we reached the top, we saw what was causing it. The city of Mhaltin is a large city, with
tons of ground-breaking technology. It is built into a large mountain and it uses monorails and wired-carts to move people from place to place. We entered the city
soon after with our fake visas from Siphon of the Blue Void. We were placed on level two of four. And apparently level four is where the leaders of the city stay.
I assume that is where the Replacement Hunt is staying. Once we got settled into the Inn, I headed up to level 3 to see how tight security is. I swiped a few visas
from some of the rich people just to realize how rare level fours really are. That’s when I felt a tug at my clothing. “Excuse me, are you Maiden Sepherene?” I
turned around to find a small boy holding a piece of paper. I had a brief moment of quiet panic again, like when I was confronted by the Headmaster. “Why, yes I am.”
I kneeled down beside him. “What can I do for you?” And without saying another word, he handed me the piece of paper in his hand and ran off…

“You have been cordially invited to dinner. This is clearance for level four. Come Alone.” And instead of a signature there was a small Guild symbol. It looked

just like the one back in Beacon. That scared feeling of being hunted was suddenly back. And it doesn’t seem to be going away…



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