Dragon's Wrath

The Bishop and the Bronze Champion

Six hours later, we were up on a huge hill staring off at the black spire erupted from the mountains of Pasiap’s Stair. It was a huge cathedral called the Hidden Tabernacle that belonged to a Deathlord, The Bishop of the Chalcedony Thurible. Its been six hours of flying back towards Beacon after all hell broke loose in Pasiaps stair. I had to stop and give myself a break. But I can’t seem to stop staring and wondering what’s going to follow in the days to come. A Deathlord hasn’t been to the Blessed Isle in millennia, if ever. And how are we supposed to fight him? Kalak seems to believe it won’t happen quite as fast as if the Mask of winters were here. Where he would march armies, The Bishop will send missionaries. It will be weeks or months of travel, gathering thousands to follow the Shining Path.

I can’t forget the moment the black spire erupted through the ground. An old man in dark robes appeared. We fled immediately, and we looked back to find the whole mountain crumbling. the earth was shaking for miles as the tabernacle push into the skies. It was a huge black stain on the horizon.

A few days later, we all arrived back at Beacon to a hundred questions. Everyone could see the Tabernacle but had no clue what was happening. Kalak took to the highest balcony to answer some questions and calm the people of Beacon. And the rest of us went to the hearth room to discuss strategy. we met with Humor, Reed, Siphon, Drana, Leon’s friends, a few members of the Phoenix guard, Perch, Augustine, and Lafaye. when he joined us, we took hours discussing the events and possibilities that lie before us.

Those talks lasted well into the night but eventually we all decided to call it a night and get some rest with a rough idea of how the next couple weeks would go. Me and the Leon would take off in the morning, sneak through the Dragons Gate near the newly fashioned Tabernacle and head up to the Imperial City where we have somehow arranged to meet a sidereal at the Imperial Manse. Leon seems to believe his mothers pendant will somehow grant him entry. I’m not entirely sure. There’s a lot of lore that I don’t quite understand. But I’m for sure going with, just in case.

Kalak and Camreal will stay here and prepare for the upcoming Calibration. There are a lot of decisions to be made, especially since the guests may not be leaving this time. They are to prepare the city for sanctuary. As the months go on, we could hope that more and more people will put aside their differences and find safety among us and away from the Bishop.

A few days later, Leon and I were nearly at the Dragons Gate. We coudl see it off on the horizon. But along the way, we began to notice these small villages being abandoned, or even controlled by dark forces. It was clearly the work of the Bishop. It took everything in my power and every bit of patience Leon had to convince me not to leap out of the carriage and attempt to free these villages. We had to push on. A short while later, we could hear noises outside the carriage. Off in the distance, there was definitely some fighting going on. I told Leon to grab his gear and I’d check it out int he mean time. I slipped out the back of the carriage, tumbled and rose to my feet. Standing directly in front of me, was a giant metal wall shaped like a man. It appeared to be a suit of similar make that the Archons used to have, powered by a war manse and completely airtight.

Ten minutes later, the suit was open, the man inside had stepped out and spoke with us. It turns out, he was disgraceful member of House Cathak. He has been moving around the northern end of the Dragon’s Wrath Plains in a large power suit trying to defend against the Bishops forces. He isn’t very good at most things and he doesn’t seem very confident for a Cathak. He is largely considered a disgrace, but seems very kind. Once he came to terms with who we were, we offered him sanctuary down in Beacon. His natural reaction was not entirely pleasant about the idea, with us being labeled “anathema” and “enemies of the realm.” But he said he would consider the kind offer we had given him.

But we had to continue! So after our pleasant chat, we gathered back in the carriage and took off once more through the Dragons Gate and to the Imperial City. Some hours later, Leon wakes me up, “Sepherene, were going through the gate.” I looked out the window and saw that the black scaly walls were missing. We were definitely in between the huge walls though. That begged the question, where was Diegan? Scanning the area around us, I saw the cave in the mountain that Diegan usually resides in. “Leon do we want to stop and see how he is doing?” I asked. I was curious, as I’m sure Leon was as well. But he pointed out we don’t have time. We needed to get to the Imperial City, so he could open the Manse and stop the Bishop of Chalcedony Thuribal. And so we passed.

And so the wheels rolled, that sun set, the moon rose. For weeks this is all we knew. We slept in the constantly moving carriage, ate dried rations, and didn’t have the ability to stay very clean. These weeks were rough, but at least there was nothing else that could make things worse. But sure enough, after enough time, we arrived at the Imperial City with no delays. We rolled right in, no checks or anything. We found a place to park our carriage, and we walked in hooded cloaks to the small plain building known as the Imperial Manse. As we entered the yard that surrounded it, tall hedges stood between us and it. “Ready?” I asked. Leon stepped in and immediately vanished from sight. I stepped forward and he didn’t return to my vision.

“Leon? Leon?? Can you hear me?!” Afraid of some type of trickery, I sped into the hedges. I couldn’t split them so I raced around trying to find the hole in the maze. After a few minutes I was sure it would do no good. Even my flight capabilities were disabled. Ten minutes later, Leon appeared. “We must go Sepherene.” I tried to question, but Leon would have known of it. He seemed.. heavier. As if the weight of the world sat on his shoulders.



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