Dragon's Wrath

The Quarry, the enlightening, and the Vacation.

“Well since were already out here we might as well head to the quarry. " Kalak said. We were a couple hours outside of The city. I just made quite the scene threatening forsaken debt and the rest of them had followed me, worried about what I might do.but we were supposed to be heading to see the scarlet foreman any day now. He had requested our help with the divine banquet. But we were supposed to be heading to see the scarlet foreman any day now. He had requested our help during the divine banquet. He found that his workers were behaving rather weird.

It took us a few days to get there, but he was happy to see us when we finally arrived. You let us to the edge of the quarry and showed us all of his workers. he had were only could be described as golems working around-the-clock to mine Redstone. It was a special kind of stone, more durable than most. Apparently at night, his workers would not allow anyone in the quarry. They would attack anyone on site. No one had been injured but it was only a matter of time.

We waited until night, and then we began to walk down into the quarry. It wasn’t long before a group of them found us. I ready myself for a fight, but they don’t strike me as aggressive. We easily sidestep them, and when I’m hovering above the ground they don’t really even acknowledge me. Camreal came to the conclusion that there must be something wrong with the manse that operates them down at the bottom of the quarry.

Hours later, we reach the bottom with the manse. It looks as if there was a small cave in. Nothing extreme. The manse was fine structurally, but was covered in a ton of deep scratches all over it surfaces inside and out. And Leon noticed there was a man that died in the cave in. He held a letter of resignation and said he was leaving. He couldn’t stand being here any more.

As we were walking around inside, we kept hearing a long scratching noise. Ktttch Ktttch Ktttch. And then all of a sudden right through Kalak, Ktttch! Three scratches went through his armor and down to his bone. He yelled. And we turned to see a ghostly image fade away. There was a Hungry Ghost inside. the manse!

We scrambled around looking for the source of the issue. But we couldn’t find anything except the Head Golem down in the lower area. But we didn’t have much time. None of us were capable of fighting a hungry ghost.

“Leon! Ride its senses!”

“What? That’s crazy!”

“Hopefully you’ll be able to see the problem! Just do it!”

He closed his eyes, and touched the Golem. I don’t know what happened after that, but Leon said that the hungry ghost was interfering. We needed to get of of it. There were two ways to do that. Either, kill it, or appease it. We couldn’t kill it. So we needed to find out what it was. Kalak yelled from up above, “it doesn’t want to be here!”

That’s when I had a flashback to a few days ago. When I grabbed that Guild soldier by the neck. I ran outside shoved most of the rock off the body, picked it up and hurled it as far as I physically could. I reached out into Essence and used the technique dubbed God Steps and I blurred nearly a mile into the air and snatched the body again. I spun in a circle and launched it ever further.

That had worked. The ghost was appeased and the Foreman promised us as much stone as we wished. We told him we were building large walls around Beacon and we would like to use his red stone.

At which point we took our leave and headed back to Beacon. I met with Reed again. He assured me that it was possible to fix the people I had freed from the Guild. And he had already begun working on it. Also camreal had told it was possible to fix The damage done to Drana’s leg by the Diamond Shield. He just needed to visit his old village first to retrieve something of use. Everything was starting to look up.

After a few weeks, we saw a caravan heading from the Scarlet Foremans direction. He had brought us our stone. And an extra gift. He wanted to give us an Enlightenment. It was when a God made an Exalt even stronger through a ritual they were only allowed to do once in their existence. It was incredibly rare and the highest honor.

27 minutes later Siphon of the Blue Void stopped what could have been the argument that ended the Archons. He said that the Sidereals had denied his application for bestowing an enlightenment. And he was sending us across Creation to let us cool off.

It was time for Kalak to leave for the east. There’s a celebration he must attend. Camreal was to go to his old village and retrieve the book he needed. And I had to be in Lookshy by the end of the week. While Leon stayed and guarded the City.

22 minutes later I was soaring over the blessed isle knowing that I literally didn’t have a second to spare. I could not be late. The note he had handed me was from the Shadow of the Mountain, The Curator, an ancient Solar that wished to teach me his own Martial Arts Style. As a Shadow of the Mountain, a night caste, and a warrior I had proven myself worthy. But if I was late I could kiss it all goodbye.

Along the way, I was reading through Swift Lions journal as I often did. I realized I wasn’t too far from the place Swift Lion picked up the Diamond Shield from the Unconquered Wolf. I had never been over this way. I had to check it out…

I arrived at a quaint little house in the middle of the forest. Everything was quiet and it was overgrown with plants. I glanced in through the windows. It was dark but it looked like somebody was inside. I knocked on the door but no answer. I opened the door and it creaked.

“Hello? Any one home?”

I rounded a corner into the sitting room. That’s when I saw them. Two diamond statues.

One was a woman that must have been just a few years older than myself now. And the other was a child. She couldn’t have been but 12. She was very pretty. Thin, long fiery red hair, and green eyes. It was like looking in a mirror. Suddenly, the things the Unconquered Wolf did made much more sense. He had the Shield and had used it to survive and fight the Guild, all along not knowing what he had done to his family. Once he returned to a destroyed home, he made the Swift Lion take it far far away. And devoted every moment of his life to taking down the organization that destroyed his family. Until he found me, he looked at me as if I was his daughter. He couldn’t turn away without helping me…

I continued my journey until I had arrived. It was easily the most populated city when it came to Dragon Bloods outside of the Realm. I had to be careful. But it wasn’t long before the Shadow found me.

We trained for weeks. He taught me disarming, breaking attunements, and theft all through the Least Gods. It was a tricky concept at first but I quickly got the hang of it. Divine Appropriation Style, it was called. But eventually t was time to leave. There’s nothing more he could teach me. I couldn’t help it though, on the way back I stopped back by the little house and retrieved the Wolfs family.



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