Cathak Dravin

Prominent Wyld Hunter and Grandson of the head of House Cathak


Dravin is the grandson of Cathak Cainan, the head of House Cathak. Not much is known about him, aside from the fact that he is the current head of the Wyld Hunt. He has a deep seated hatred for the Anathema, and it’s believed that he lost his eye to an Anathema.

Cathak Dravin met Sesus Kalak in the city of Speandal shortly after The Summit of the Maple and Phoenix. While leaving the Summit, Dravin caught Camreal following after him. He nearly killed the Lunar Exalted and would have had The Shadow of the Mountain not rescued him at the cost of losing his arm.

Dravin has since left the city of Speandal. In the Imperial City, Ledaal Leonel heard rumor that the Wyld Hunt was heading for Speandal. It is assumed that Dravin is leading them.

Global Update I: Dravin gathered the Wyld Hunt and tracked down the Circle to the Ruined City of Hajuba. He brought the Legion of Thirteen Banners along as extra insurance. Despite his threats to Ledaal Leonal, the Dragon-Blooded traitor warned the Phoenix and his allies and they slipped out of Hajuba unnoticed. Some time afterwards the Wyld Hunt was called back to the Imperial City by the Scarlett Deliberative for an unknown reason.

Cathak Dravin

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