3rd Circle Soul of Malfeas


A Denizen of Malfeas, summoned by the grieving youths of Camreal’s village.

He had drawn up a contract with the Elders of the village before they were killed by mercenaries hired by The Realm. Chiton was to defend the village from invaders in exchange for their souls upon death. The contract remained unsigned due to the steep price. Thinking his summoning ritual was a method for returning the dead to life, the youths of Camreal’s village performed it. Chiton was summoned into Creation, but with no contract to keep him under control he was free to harvest the souls of Camreal’s village manually.

Thanks to the craftiness of the Elders, he was severely weakened when he arrived and was no match for the now Exalted Camreal, who drove him from the village. While he regained his strength he was visited by two bards who presented him with the signed contract. He gained the souls of the dead, but was now sworn into the protection of Camreal’s village.

Global Update I: Chiton struck a deal with the Circle in a destroyed Manse. They would find and kill Camreal’s still living Parents within a year and a day, and in return Chiton will provide them with a 24 hour period of service. Though they found Camreal’s parents in the Ruined City, Camreal and Sesus Kalak were reluctant to kill them as something seemed amiss. Maiden Sepherene and Ledaal Leonel took matters into their own hands and killed the Abyssals. They fulfilled their end of the bargain and the Demon appeared before them to collect the souls of the fallen and quickly departed, but not before tearing the Juggernaut’s armor open and marking Ledaal Leonal with some strange Demonic Script.


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