Cordellia "Corie"

Vengeful Warrior Henchman of Ledaal Leonel


Corie grew up the oldest of three children. Her mother passed away during childbirth and her father was a lowly farmer. He struggled to raise them while putting food on the table. With word of the Ascending Phoenix spreading, They prayed for him to bring wealth and peace. They came from a very poor city and believing in the Ascending Phoenix was their last hope. One night just as everyone washed up and got to bed, a group of immaculate monks raided their home. Everyone awoke from a crashing sound in the kitchen. Their worst nightmare began. Two of the monks grabbed Corie’s younger sisters and ran off into the dead of the night. The remaining three monks drew their weapons to attack. Connor, Corie’s father, managed to hold them back while she could escape. There was nowhere for her to go. All she could see was pitch black and she could feel the fog surrounding her. She didn’t know where she was going, she just knew she had to get as far away as possible.

She found a small village to hide in. Doing work at an inn in repayment for board. After a month had passed, she decided she wanted to fight back against the immaculate order and to honor her family. She trained with a man in the village to use a pole-arm. Her years helping her father with farm work made it easier to wield such a large weapon. With aspirations for justice against the immaculates and the memory of her family fueling her ambition, she quickly became skilled in the ways of combat.

A few months had gone by before two men passed through the village. They stopped for the night in the inn. One man was taller with bright red hair and a large sword. The other was much shorter with light hair. Corie served the men drinks as they talked. The name “Ascending Phoenix” was brought up. Corie thought these men were monks like the ones that took her family. She continued to eavesdropped on their conversation. She came to realize they were looking for the ascending phoenix for assistance.

“Excuse me?” Corie interrupted, “Your looking for a man named the Ascending Phoenix?” Both men looked up in surprise. “I have heard some rumors of his whereabouts from other travelers through here.” she continued, “If you take me with you, I will tell you where to look.”

“You really have guts to walk up to a couple strangers with something like that.” chuckled the short man. “Oh come on Leon, we can bring her along. It would be nice to have someone other than you to talk to. She couldn’t be too much trouble”

“I know how to fight. I won’t be any trouble at all!” She added. Leon looked at his friend and let out a sigh.

“Fine Vincent, she can tag along. But if she is any trouble at all, its on you!” said Leon. Vincent smiled and let out another chuckle.

“Oh thank you, thank you!” said Corie.

After setting out from the small village, Corie shared information about her past and the location of the Ascending Phoenix with Leon and Vincent.

Global Update I: Corie now resides in the City of Beacon with Ledaal Leonal and his companions. She and Vincent have recently been taking care of the Juggernaut and have even managed to lift his spirit’s a bit.

Cordellia "Corie"

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