Cynis Indry

famous Treasure Hunter, hired by the Scarlett Dynasty to recover items of interest




Cynis Indry is the self-proclaimed “Greatest Treasure Hunter in the world”, and his reputation would make it appear to be so. Leader of the Golden Legion treasure hunters, he is often hired by the Realm to find items of interest. Most recently, his band was hired to head to the ruined city of Hajuba to find the treasure of the nearby lake.

Indry found the item he was searching for thanks to the assistance of the Circle of the Phoenix. However, fearing what could happen to himself if the demon Chiton collected on his bargain with the Circle, he allowed the Circle of the Phoenix to borrow the Demon’s Scale to take down the powerful soul of Malfeas.

Global Update I: Cynis Indry came to Beacon seeking his end of the bargain when the time limit for Chiton’s Deal expired, after hearing that the city hadn’t been wiped from the map. His patience was wearing thin when the Circle told him they still needed it when they left for the Imperial City. While they were gone, Indry sent his Legion to document as much of Beacon as possible with the intention of turning it over to Cathak Dravin if the Circle had robbed him. When they returned, they turned the Scale over to him and he brought it to the buyer, accompanied by Maiden Sepherene. After getting his reward he bid farewell to Sepherene and went in search of even more of Creation’s lost treasures.

Cynis Indry

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