Magistrate Falchin

Enigmatic Fire-Aspected Dragon Blooded


Little is known about Falchin’s life before her Exaltation, though some believe that her fiery intensity was only magnified by her new ability to control the element. An avid warrior with an almost abnormal penchant for justice, she was personally sought out by the Scarlet Empress to join the ranks of her Magistrates.

Her first task was to find and identify a group of troublesome barbarians in the Threshold so the Legions could be sent to destroy them. When the Legion arrived all they found was a lifeless crater and a large number of burned bodies.

Though there is no official record of Magistrates available to anyone beyond the Scarlett Empress, many say that she was the last Magistrate appointed before the Empress’ disappearance. This would explain why she does not have any archons, though this may be because the would only get in the way of her pursuit of justice.

Global Update I: Falchin worked with Cathak Atmus to deal with the Ascending Phoenix’s followers in the city of Torvus. When the Cultists attempted to walk proudly out of the city, Falchin stepped forward to stop them. The Archons revealed themselves and a fight broke out. Falchin delivered a devastating blow to Maiden Sepherene, but before she could finish her off, Camreal cast a Necromantic spell on the magistrate. Even under his control Falchin’s rage was strong and she resisted long enough for Atmus to wound Camreal and break his concentration. Afterwards, the two of them pursued the Phoenix’s followers toward Beacon, but lost them thanks to a joint effort by Sepherene and V’neef Perch.

Magistrate Falchin

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