Father Downpour

Head of the Immaculate Temple in Spaendal


Follower of the Immaculate Order, Downpour is the leader of the monks in the city of Spaendal. He is a high ranking Dragon Blooded and a competent fighter, wielding a massive hammer into battle. He seems to operate with four other powerful monks, who are often seen around the powerful monk.

Father Downpour has recently quelled the Rebellion of the Phoenix, led by Sesus Kalak, in his home city. Less than a week later, however, Spaendal’s Immaculate Temple was destroyed seemingly by the will of the Ascending Phoenix. He fought the Ascending Phoenix and his Circle until they managed to escape to the lower level of the city. After this he ordered the destruction of Spaendal’s four great elevators, trapping the Ascending Phoenix and his followers in the Lower City.

Father Downpour was in the Upper City of Spaendal when it collapsed due to the Circle of the Phoenix raising a First Age Solar war manse underneath the city of Spaendal. He also lost his weapon, a huge jade hammer, due to the trickery of Kalak and his new ally, Maiden Sepherene. He was not seen escaping the city as it collapsed and is presumed dead.

Global Update I: When Spaendal fell, a wounded Downpour and his last surviving Companion attempted to return to the Ream. The Brilliant Archons found him in a farmhouse not far from the fallen city. They took him to the Hall of the Coiled Sun. Not wanting to kill him, Sesus Kalak and Maiden Sepherene released him, hoping that he would remember their mercy.

Father Downpour

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