Iselsi Faron

Immaculate monk who has a past with Sesus Kalak


Formerly trained at the House of Bells, but transferred to the Cloister of Wisdom to become an Immaculate Monk. She was betrothed to a fellow student at the House of Bells, Sesus Kalak. After Kalak supposedly died in Thorns, she became a monk and eventually began keeping books in the Immaculate Temple of Speandal.

Faron escaped the destruction of Spaendal’s Temple of the Immaculate Order, having left to visit her former betrothed as the Ascending Phoenix caused the building to explode.

A few weeks later, Faron was visited by a woman known only as Maiden Sepherene, who told her to leave Spaendal on a transport evacuating citizens. When asked further, Sepherene only gave Faron the seal of her betrothed, the Ascending Phoenix. Whether or not she escaped on the transport is unknown, but the city of Spaendal collapsed into rubble mere hours later as a great Solar manse was raised up from underneath it.

Global Update I: Faron pursued Sesus Kalak and the Brillaint Archons to the Ruined City of Hajuba. She came seeking to be freed from the torment she felt she’d been put through by Kalak’s return. She was wounded by the cities defenses after she pressed Kalak’s sword to her throat. Cynis Indry’s Geomancer nursed her back to health and Ledaal Leonel tried to console her. She continued to travel with the Gold Legion to Beacon where she confrontd Kalak again and asked if she could stay to observe the inhabitants. She was made Master of Ceremonies for the Divine Banquet and was instrumental to its completion.

Iselsi Faron

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