Sesus Kalak, the Ascending Phoenix

The Ascending Phoenix, Conqueror of Speandal and Aspiring Golden Emperor of the Realm


Sesus Kalak was raised by his patronage family (specifically his uncle) in Thorns, after graduating from the House of Bells as one of their best swordsmen. More than most Dynasts, Kalak grew up believing in the Realm and the Scarlet Empress since he was a boy. He was proud to be a part of the Scarlet Dynasty, knowing that for his loyalty, the Realm would defend his home and family from all the horrors of Creation.

When Thorns was attacked by the armies of the Mask of Winters, Kalak fought with all his might, but it was not enough to save the family who had raised him. Helpless, he saw his uncle and his cousins struck down by a man with a straw hat and eyes as red as blood. As the horrific killer brought his ebony sword to Kalak’s neck, he spoke one sentence: “I will come for you when your sun is at it’s highest.” With that, he was gone.

Fearing for what would become of him if he stayed in the city, Kalak managed to fight his way out. He ran beyond the walls of the city to escape, hoping to see the Realm’s armies on the horizon any moment. They never came, and Kalak’s faith in the Scarlet Empress was shattered. He vowed that if the Scarlet Dynasty could not defend it’s own Realm, then it was not fit to rule it. His faith in his Dynasty broken, Sesus Kalak left Thorns, wandering creation as a nomad. For the next four years, Kalak traveled the Threshold doing his best to lead a one-man war against the Realm. Everwhere he went, he would fight against the forces of the Scarlet Empress, all the while speaking out against their corruption and apathy towards those settlements on the edge of the Realm. He never really made a dent until less than a year ago, when a band of like-minded warriors he had traveled with went plundering a fortress of the First Age for ancient weaponry. However, a band of Dragon-Blooded and their forces decided to ambush the rebels. In a last ditch effort to allow his comrades to escape, Kalak chose to stay behind and fight while his comrades escaped the fortress. Kalak ran deeper into the fortress, fighting off his enemies until he was bloodied and his sword had broken. He eventually limped into an enormous room, where a great sword hung in midair in the center. With the Dragon-Blooded closing in and no way to defend himself, Kalak grabbed the blade…and his entire life changed. From outside, the fortress seemed to shine with a light as bright as the sun as Kalak suddenly filled with a great rush of power. Using the sword, he cut through the Cathak trained forces as if they were paper. The Dragon-Blooded generals also fell, for Kalak’s skill with a blade had suddenly increased tenfold. As he fought through the Dynast’s forces, he heard a voice within his mind. “A kingdom cannot stand when it is ruled by the corrupt. Burn down the corrupted kingdom, and raise a new one from it’s ashes.” Kalak emerged from the fortress the next morning, only sparing the lives of those who had sworn loyalty out of pure awe. What happened within the walls of that fortress, no one truly knows, but Kalak reemerged with his sword, glorious red-and-golden armor and a new goal. If the Scarlet Empress and the Noble Houses could not rule the Realm with a just hand, then he would rule it himself. With his newly named Phoenix Guard (the House Cathak warriors and his living comrades who swore loyalty to him) and the villages surrounding the fortress who now worshipped him as a god, Kalak found a ship and sailed for the Blessed Isle, knowing one day its inhabitants would bow to him: the Golden Emperor of Creation.

Sesus Kalak, the Ascending Phoenix

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