Korbin Silas

Ranger Henchman of Ledaal Leonel


Korbin Silas grew up in a village that was built on the outskirts of the forest. Silas and his older brothers would venture into the woods to hunt for fun. He was very skilled with his bow, much more than his brothers. Silas never really talked much. He was a bit of a smart aleck. But if he spoke out of turn, his brothers didn’t react well. So Silas usually stayed silent, unless it was something of importance.

When he turned 17, Silas got bored of the little village that he lived in. So he packed up his things and decided to live in the forest and leave his old life behind. He only returned to the village if he needed supplies. He lived in the forest for years. The experience gained from hunting in those woods helped him greatly. He could catch food and he knew where to find shelter. He was very skilled at moving through the trees silently. He never seemed to stay in the same place for long.

One day, He spotted a bear roaming through the woods. Silas couldn’t pass up the chance for a big meal. He nocked his arrow and aimed carefully. Watching the bear weave in between the trees, he found an opening and fired. The arrow missed its mark and his the bear in the side, enraging the creature. Silas hopped through the trees to get a better shot. He hit a weak branch and plummeted to the ground with a yelp and a thud. The bear spotted him and charged. Silas slowly got back to his feet and timed his dodge. He leapt to the side and ran for it. The bear corrected itself and quickly ran after him.

Dodging and weaving through the trees, Silas ran for his life. But the bear was getting closer and closer. He took a wrong turn and ended up at a cliff wall, cornered. Silas thought this was where he would die. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. With the sound of a slash, the roars of the bear turned into cries of pain and then silence.

Silas peaked open one of his eyes to see a red haired man and his two companions. The man reached out the help him up. “That was a close call,” the man said in relief.

“If it weren’t for Leon here, you would be dinner for mama bear.” added his male friend. Leon’s female companion elbowed him in the side.

“Dont be rude!” she yelled at him. She turned to look as Silas, “Im sorry. Are you okay?”

“Yes… Thank you…” Silas said quietly.

“Try to be careful. We may not be around next time something like this happens.” said Leon, “Take care.” The three started waking away through the trees.

“Wait,” Silas said chasing after them. “Can i come with you? After all, you did just save my life. Id rather not be left in the forest after that.”

The three exchanged looks and nods. Corie smiled and spoke, “Sure, why not. This is Leon and Vincent. And i’m Corie. Whats your name?”

“My name is Silas, i hope i can repay you three for saving me.” he said.

“Welcome to the team Silas,” Leon said. And the four walked east through the forest towards Spaendal.

Global Update I: Silas now resides in the City of Beacon with Ledall Leonel and his companions. Leon had sent him and Vincent on an important mission to tell Cathak Dravin that he had infiltrated the Ascending Phoenix’s Circle and was hoping to turn him over to the Wyld Hunt. After changing his mind Leon asked Silas to keep a lookout for the Wyld Hunt so that he could warn the Circle, but they found him first and followed him to Leon.

Korbin Silas

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