Ledaal Joriag

Former Governor of Torvus (Deceased)


Famed for keeping Torvus free of Anathema, he aimed to keep it that way. A mission he believed in with deadly fervor, despite that his reputation was unfounded.

The fall of Ledaal Joriag came when his son Jeves Exalted as a Lunar. Determined to hide this mark on his bloodline, Joriag hired three ‘mercenaries’ to go into the swamp and kill his son (who had taken the shape of a crocodile). Little did he know that the mercenaries were actually the Band of the Phoenix, a Circle of Solar Exalted who did not like the trickery Joriag had pulled. Rather than kill Jeves, the Circle returned to Torvus with the governor’s son. Sesus Kalak demanded that the governor turn over control of the city to his son, who had sworn to serve his cause to become the Golden Emperor of the Realm.

Rather than see his city fall into the hands of Anathema, Joriag chose to blow up the manse that served as his palace, killing him in the process. Unfortunately, the Band of the Phoenix managed to survive, taking control of the city of Torvus and raising it to prosperity within the Dragonswrath Plains.

Ledaal Joriag

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