Ledaal "Leon" Leonel

Ambitious seeker of the Scarlet Throne


Leon stands at 6"2’ tall. He is thin and agile. He has bright red hair and burnt orange eyes. As his anima starts to flare, Leon’s eyes will become brighter and seem to almost glow orange. When he begins to flare, smoke will come from him. As he flares more and more, he will start to catch fire. Upon reaching totemic, a large flaming serpent will manifest around Leon, striking anyone who would dare to come too close.


Ledall “Leon” Leonel, an ambitious man destined for greatness. Leon was born a Dynast and raised under house Ledaal. During his time at the House of Bells, he was never known for his skills in swordsmanship. But rather his speed, intuition, and use of resources and his surroundings in battle. Leon was never well noticed at the school. Most praise was given to the more skilled students. One in particular always caught Leon’s eye, Sesus Kalak.

After graduating from the House of Bells, Leon was sent on a patronage to a satrapy in the south. He arrived at the city of Tarrin, where he was to assist in a trade agreement. Tarrin was ruled by a solar, which was very uncommon. The ruler’s name was Fist of the Wasteland. He was a very kind man, and the agreement went over very easily. Growing up Leon was always told bad things about solars. He was surprised that this man’s kindness and hospitality. With a renewed opinion from the experience, Leon headed back for the Imperial City.

On the second night of travel. Leon made camp to rest for his final day of travel. Just as he started to drift off, He heard rustling close by. Leon sat up to see multiple figures on the outskirts of his camp. Before he was able to react, he was knocked unconscious from behind. As Leon awakened, he soon realized the severity of the situation. His hands were bound,and he was locked in an iron cage. All his belongings were missing. His clothes were tattered from being dragged away. And it seemed they decided to rough him up a bit before throwing him in. He looked up to see a large camp of about ten bandits. Two of which were trying to decide what to do with Leon. A third walked up just saying the words, “Kill him.” The two walked forward, unlocked the cage, pulled Leon out, and proceeded to beat him mercilessly. Hunched over in agony, Leon looked up at his attackers, eyes glowing bright orange. “You will regret what you have done.” Leon uttered. Smoke and fire began to erupt from him. The firestorm overtook the two bandits, leaving only ashes behind. With the camp in flames, Leon walked away with his belongings in hand.

Over the following years, Leon journeyed back and forth from Tarrin. He became good friends with the Fist of the Wasteland. So much so that Fist presented Leon with his iconic jade grand daiklave, Flametongue. It was forged by the best blacksmiths and artificers Tarrin had to offer.

Rumors started to spread of anathema in the Dragonswrath Plains. This caught Leon’s attention. He decided to travel to the plains to see for himself

Ledaal "Leon" Leonel

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