Ledaal Venet

Well-Known Dynast Painter


Ledaal Venet is a well known painter within the Dragonswrath Plains. He is known to overindulge events while painting them, finding ways to make seemingly mundane events look like epic duels and battles.

Venet most recent work was done in Spaendal, where he painted the Summit of the Maple and Phoenix. He seemed to take great interest in painting Sesus Kalak, especially during his heated arguments with the head of the Wyld Hunt, Cathak Dravin. He was also able to paint a phenomenal picture depicting the Ascending Phoenix revealing himself in the city of Torvus (an event Venet was not able to witness first hand). Nevertheless, many people were impressed by his painting, including the Ascending Phoenix himself.

It is believed that Venet was killed in the explosion that destroyed the Immaculate Temple of Spaendal.

Global Update I: Venet escaped the explosion with his life, but was heavily injured. Due to the upper city being evacuated, he was unable to get his burns and cuts treated. He was taken to the city of Mhaltin, but the damage had become permanent. Rather than feel depressed about his now diminished appearance, he found solace in the fact that it hadn’t affected his ability to paint, and that the damage done to him was from such an inspirational and artistic moment. He made his way to Beacon and lent a hand with the Divine Banquet preparations.

Ledaal Venet

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