Nellens Wisel

Dragon Blooded Merchant


A Dynast merchant based in the city of Spaendal. Within a few days, he has proven himself a competent rival of the merchant Lapis Lazuli.

Sometime between the death of Lapis and the destruction of Speandal, Wisel managed to gain control of Maple Leaf Shipping. He also managed to stay within the Hall of the Coiled Sun under the alias of Fuwell Chu while he waited for his brother to come to the ruined city and discuss business.

They altered their business plans after speaking with Lady Sefarin, the newest member of The Circle of the Phoenix. He has since made an uneasy alliance with the Circle, offering them the supplies via the black market of House Nellens.

Global Update I: Wisel took the Contraband to the Imperial City to fulfill his vow of revenge against House Ragara. His trial seemed to be successful and the artifacts were turned over to the Scarlett Dynasty. Afterward Wisel cut all ties to the Archons and disappeared into the streets of the Imperial City.

Nellens Wisel

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