Siphon of the Blue Void

Mysterious Representative of the Yellow Jade Conspiracy


An enigmatic man who claims to be a “Sidereal” Exalted (though none of the Circle have ever heard of such a thing). He claims to be a part of the Yellow Jade Conspiracy, though not much is known about him otherwise.

Siphon first helped the Circle of the Phoenix when Ledaal Joriag blew up his manse. He used his power to slow time and allow the Circle time to escape the explosion. He appeared again a few weeks after the destruction of Speandal, when an assassination attempt was made on the Ascending Phoenix’s life. When Delio Lefaye could not bring herself to kill Kalak, Siphon appeared and congratulating her on passing the test of the Yellow Jade Conspiracy. He then offered the Conspiracy’s full support to the Circle, which they eagerly accepted.

Siphon of the Blue Void

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