Abyssal Master Thief


Recently mortally wounded in a fight to the death with Kalak, he rose again as the agent of a Deathlord. Granted with new strength and a blade of blood, he defeated Kalak and delivered a grim message which he carved into Kalak’s skin. After delivering the message he ran to the deck and disappeared into the sea. But Kalak and his associate’s problems were far from over, as the Abyssal Exaltation had opened a door to the underworld and vengeful spirits began pouring into Creation.

The Circle found him once again in Spaendal as The Shadow of the Mountain, a notorious thief known all over The Realm. His identity appears to be valid, though many of the crimes attributed to the Shadow predate his Exaltation.’

Global Update I: Now revealed to not be the one and only Shadow of the Mountain, Humor goes by what appears to be his name. During the final days of Spaendal he provided the Circle with the large amount of firedust needed to destroy the Immaculate Temple in return for one item from the Contraband. Afterwards he disappeared for quite some time before returning and demanding his end of the deal. Nellens Wisel refused to turn it over, but the Abyssal and the Circle made another deal: promising him another of the artifacts in exchange for a time extension. He accompanied Wisel to the Imperial City to protect the Contraband as he waited for the Archons to come help him reclaim it. Just before the heist Ledaal Leonal and Camreal followed him to a large theatre where he spoke to a strange blue light. During their conversation an enormous black claw grabbed onto his face. Afterwards he began wearing a Comedy Mask at all times. After the heist he disappeared again, but returned to Spaendal in time for the Divine Banquet.


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