The Juggernaut


The guardian of the Black Cathedral in The Blotch. No one is really sure what he is, but he towers over most men and wields a large shield and lance.

Sesus Kalak, the Ascending Phoenix and Ledaal “Leon” Leonel attempted to fight this great warrior when their Circle tried to enter the Blotch. However, they were launched away from the fight, though it did not seem to be going in their favor.

Later when Leon and Sepherene defeated the Shining Path, the Juggernaut was revealed to be a child. There also seems to be some connection between him and a painting in Spaendal.

Global Update I: The Juggernaut now resides in the city of Beacon. He his being cared for by Lazaro Vincent and Cordellia. He is openly disdainful toward Maiden Sepherene and Ledaal Leonel for killing the Speakers, and also toward Camreal due to what would appear to be jealousy. He took Lord Circon’s Halberd and is capable of wielding it like an Exalt.

The Juggernaut

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