Lazaro Vincent

Stealthy Henchman of Ledaal Leonel


Vincent was orphaned at a very young age. His father was a violent drunk. Vince begged his mother to do something to put a stop to it, but she would not stand against his father. So he ran away from his parents when he was seven years old. Wandering the streets and fending for himself, Vincent had to learn to steal in order to survive. He was caught more times than not. Life was rough. Over the years, Vince learn much in the ways of thievery and stealth. When Vincent was fifteen, He noticed a blind man and thought that robbing him would be easy money. He went back to the man’s house in the dead of night and broke in. Vince found the man sitting in a chair asleep. He crept by and started going through the man’s belongings. The floor creaked and Vince turned to see figure, the blind man, right behind him. Before Vince could react, his feet were swept out from under him and a sword was inches from his face.

“Stealing from a blind man? Weren’t you taught better than that you stupid kid!”
Vince could not speak. He was paralyzed with fear.“Why don’t you go back home before you get killed!”

“The…The streets are me home.” Vincent stuttered. The blind man sighed, sheathed the sword back into his cane, grabbed Vince by the collar, and stood him up.

“I’m not about to murder a stupid kid, but you did try to steal from me. My name is Lazaro Jacob, and I think we can make a deal.” Vincent was very puzzled. "I will give you a place to stay. But in exchange, you will help me with anything I need done. Vincent accepted this proposal.

He spent the next 3 years working for Jacob. He became like a father to Vincent. When Vince was 18, Jacob became very ill and died. To honor what Jacob had done for him, Vincent took on the name Lazaro.

The following year, Vincent was on his own again, stealing food and money to get through life. One day, he pick pocketed a rather lean man in fancy armor and a big sword. It was a risky move but the better equipped, the bigger the wallet. Vincent ducked into an alley to see how much money he had just acquired. Vincent felt a hand on his shoulder. The excited look on Vincent’s face turned into one of horror. He turned to look into a pair of glowing orange eyes.

“I do believe that is mine.” Vincent dropped the wallet. “Good.” Said Leon. “I have to admit, you have some serious guts to steal from a dragon blooded. I like that.”

“If you let me go, it will never happen again. I swear.” begged Vincent

“Let you go?” Leon laughed. “I could use someone with skills like that. Come with me and start a new life. Traveling on my own has become tiresome. The company could be nice.” Vincent hesitated, but he didn’t know what the man would do if he denied the offer.

“Fine. I will go with you.” Vincent finally replied.

“Good. My name is Ledaal Leonel. Just call me Leon.” Leon smiled.

“My name is Lazaro Vincent.” Vince said with an unsure grin.

“Well Vince, Im glad to have you.” Leon said while pushing Vince out of the alley.

Global Update I: Vincent now resides in the City of Beacon with Ledaal Leonel and his companions. He and Korbin Silas were sent on an important mission by Leon to tell the Wyld Hunt that he planned to turn the Ascending Phoenix over to them. He and Cordellia are now taking care of the Juggernaut and trying to recover what they can of him from the Shining Path.

Lazaro Vincent

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