Virtuous Reed

Eccentric Master in the art of Genesis


Virtuous Reed is a Twilight Solar Exalted living in the Lower City of Spaendal. He kept a small house near a river running through the city, where he experimented in creating new plants and animals thanks to an extended lab underneath his small house. He became popular with the children of Spaendal, who brought him stray animals to heal in exchange for being allowed to play in his greenhouse, which housed his experiments.

Secretly, Virtuous Reed had been using his experiment to create an enormous colony of giant bugs in the First Age ruins beneath Spaendal within an ancient Solar manse. Using the ‘Cutters’ (as he named them), he intended to destroy the Upper City of Spaendal and raise the manse to the surface. When his plan was discovered by the Circle of the Phoenix, heme was convinced to delay his plans in order to save many innocent lives within the city. His involvement was instrumental in the destruction of Spaendal, which has since been claimed by Sesus Kalak and his Circle members.

Global Update I: In his lab in the Hall of the Coiled Sun, Virtuous Reed continues his mad genetic experiments. His list of creations includes: A serum that gives the user incredible agility, but makes all of their hair become rock hard. A race of sentient mice that he performs his experiments on, A flower that’s pollen can be used like Firedust, but is highly addictive if ingested, The Cutters, and a multitude of exploding failures.

Virtuous Reed

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