Whispering Sadness

Lunar Shaman Hiding within the Blessed Isle


Whispering Sadness has been hiding within the Blessed Isle in a mysterious place called the Borderless Forest. Taking advantage of the foreboding nature of a forest populated by flora and fauna imported from the Wyld, Whispering Sadness set up a small town surrounding a manse known as the Heart of the Forest. The village is now populated by the descendants of those who got lost in the forest and Whispering Sadness’s own children and grandchildren, who have an owl-like appearance in their faces (like their father).

The Circle of the Phoenix sought out Whispering Sadness for a way to return the ability to shapeshift to Camreal. Whispering Sadness learned that Camreal’s body still thought his soul was dead, and thus wouldn’t allow the body to change. However, after finding some soulsteel, Whispering Sadness was able to implement the dark metal into Camreal’s moonsilver tattoos, returning his ability to shapeshift and enhancing his necromantic power.

Whispering Sadness

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