Leon's Power Armor

Power Armor


Soak: 14L/14B
Hardness: 7L/7B
Fatigue: 1
Attune: 7

Flame Talons
Reinforced Gauntlets
Reinforced Boots

Other Abilities:
Filtration Baffles
Sensory Augmentation Visor
Exomuscular Fibers
Cloaking Device
Velocity Magnifier Engine


The Circle of the Phoenix discovered the ruins of an old war manse deep under the city of Spaendal. Inside the manse was an armory that belonged to Lord Circon of the Coiled Sun. Which housed two sets of power armor. One of which was made from jade. It belonged to Circon’s terrestrial wife.
After raising the manse and restoring its power, Leon was able to acquire this suit of power armor. Within all the power armor suits is an artificial intelligence interface named I AM.


Leon's Power Armor

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