The Demon's Scale

Strange Artifact belonging to the Scarlet Empress


The Legend of the Demon’s Scale begins when the Scarlet Empress herself challenged an unknown demon to a trail. The goal was that each of their souls would be weighed, and the one found lacking would be drained of their power, leaving them a barely living husk. Due to her destiny of ruling the greatest kingdom in all Creation, she easily won. However, instead of destroying the demon, the Empress asked for the scale itself. Agreeing, the demon threw the scale into Creation, where it crashed in the lake outside of Hajuba eight hundred years ago.

The scale was recently found in a giant safe within the Blotch by the Circle of the Phoenix and Cynis Indry. Indry chose to lend the Scale to the Circle so they could use it to defeat the demon Chiton.


The Demon's Scale

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