Weeping Inferno

Sesus Kalak's Daiklave

weapon (melee)

Speed: 5
Accuracy: +3
Damage: +11
Defense: +1
Rate: 2


Current Owner: Sesus Kalak, the Ascending Phoenix

At the height of the First Age, there were few warriors who defended Creation more stalwartly than the Solar Celondros or his Lunar Mate and best friend, Talon. Celondros was both a high ranking member of the Solar Deliberative and a general who fought on the front lines to defend Creation from the Fair Folk and other dangers. It was said that his tongue was as sharp as his sword, and the only one who could match Celondros in battle was Talon. Both survivors of the Primordial War, It is said that when the two fought in tandem, the most terrifying of the Fair Folk fled into the formless chaos from whence they came. There were few friendships in Creation as strong as theirs.

Their powerful friendship began to wane, however, when Celondros took a lover: the beautiful Solar craftswoman Emerald Rain. Emerald was the greatest blacksmith in all of creation, and forged devastating war machines for Creation’s armies as well as weapons and armor for Celondros that were as powerful as they were beautiful. Though Emerald and Celondros clearly cared deeply for each other, Talon was driven to near madness by jealousy. Eventually, he could take it no more and marched ten thousand of Creation’s finest warriors to Emerald Rain’s great Volcano Forge. For three days straight, Talon presented Emerald with gifts from all over Creation in an attempt to win her heart, yet the blacksmith refused. Instead, Emerald spent that time working in the white hot forge to create Celondros a gift for their wedding. When Talon realized what Emerald was doing, fury overtook him. At this moment, Celandros returned to his lover’s forge, just in time to see his dearest friend throw her into the forge’s fires.

Sadness, grief and betrayal overtook Celandros all at once. He grabbed the blade, still white-hot, from the forge and turned to strike Talon. The heat from the blade burned Celandros’s hands like the face of the Unconquered Sun himself, but the Solar didn’t care. It is said that their fight lasted a month straight and that night never came to the Southern deserts due to the light of Celandros’s burning sword. Though the fight lasted so long, and both warriors were completely exhausted, eventually Talon faltered first. Taking his chance, Celandros ran his best friend through with the burning blade that had turned hundreds of miles of desert into pure glass over the past month.

As Talon lay dying in the sand, everything that had happened in the past month begun crashing down upon Celandros. He realized that both his fiance and his best friend were now dead, and the loss was too great for him to bear with dignity. Dropping the sword to the ground, Celandros fell to his knees and wept bitterly. It is said that with Celandros’s tears, the blade was cooled into a razor’s edge. Celandros buried both his lover and his friend in the chambers of his Eastern Fortress, though he kept the sword: now named Weeping Inferno for the furious blaze it caused and for what had cooled it’s unending fury.

Weeping Inferno

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