Dragon's Wrath

Our Arrival
A New Enemy Appears

Narrated By: Kalak Jalenai

I am shaken by the events that have occurred before arriving in Drakinshire, shaken both physically and mentally. The wounds I have suffered will heal in time, but I fear that the scars of my past will constantly return to haunt me.

We had left the fishing island with little issue. On board the ship, we found a drunkard named Wallace, who proved to be quite knowledgeable despite his inebriated state. We discovered that our ‘contraband’ was a collection of powerful artifacts, many of which seemed to belong to some sort of set. Among these artifacts were more mundane tools (such as silverware) also made from magical materials. Either way, my makeshift group had decided there that none of this contraband should reach the hands of any member of the Scarlet Dynasty.

That very night, things began to take a terrible turn. I woke that night with a message telling me to head to the cargo hold. There I found one of the soldiers who attacked me on the island. I had allowed him to live due to him showing great bravery and standing against me when all his fellow soldiers had run. It seems he wasn’t grateful, since he wished to challenge me again.

I accepted his challenge, even agreeing to face him with a simple steel blade and without my armor. He fought very well, but he could not beat a Chosen of the Unconquered Sun. As I left him to die in peace in the cargo room, I stopped as I felt a chill in the air. Quickly grabbing my daiklave, I spun around to find the young soldier had risen again, the blood from his wounds swirling to form a daiklave in his sword hand. I recognized this, I had seen it at Thorns five years ago. The soldier had become an Abyssal.

I fought as best I could and my comrades held off the suddenly rising undead around us, but a well placed thrust left me helpless and dying. The Abyssal didn’t kill me though. Instead, using his blade, he carved a single sentence into my chest, a ‘message’ from his friend. The very words that chilled me to the bone the night my uncle was slaughtered.

I Will come for you when the Sun of your life is at it’s highest.

The soldier escaped and my comrades fought off the undead hordes that suddenly appeared, but none of the danger could have shaken me as much as those words. The words carved into my chest will have healed by the time we set off again, but their mark is still upon my soul. Whoever killed my uncle, he knows who I am and where I am. But more importantly, he wants me alive. For whatever reason, my uncle’s murderer wants to face me when I am stronger. Why? What made me so special that night in Thorns? And what makes me any more different from the other Solars in my company?

I must rest now. When these wounds heal, I will begin my conquest of the Blessed Isle.

Voyage to the Isle
The Adventure Begins

Narrated by: Kalak Jalenai

Twenty men.

I sail to conquer the most powerful nation in Creation with only twenty men. More impossible things have been done, I suppose.

We set off with a trading fleet from Lookshy to the Dragonswrath Plains, my men on a separate boat than myself in order to keep from arousing suspicion. Captain Lecarte seemed like an acceptable captain…for a Dynast, that is. However, he seems awfully protective of his cargo, though it is of little concern to me. The trip was sure to take a few weeks at least. The Inward Sea always seems so small on a map…

Things were going very well until the fleet was attacked by pirates. I managed to fight them off quite easily, as did the rest of the crew. It is here that I learned I was not the only ‘Anathema’ traveling on the ship. Among them was a Solar named Tobiah Lazuli, a merchant transporting goods to the Blessed Isle. After the attack, it was obvious that he and I were both Chosen by the greatest of the gods.

After the pirate attack, Captain Lecarte had to take a detour in order to repair the ship, separating me from my men. He nervously told us of a contraband cargo that he was transporting for one of the Dynast Houses and how we all faced death if the contraband was discovered. Thanks to a strange, shapeshifting necromancer named Camreal (who appeared to be Exalted, if not by the Unconquered Sun), we summoned the spirit of the ship’s now-dead super. Using the information given, Tobiah faked the super’s signature and gained ownership of the ship’s contraband: numerous items made from the five magical materials.

This contraband proved to be more trouble than originally thought, as the small fishing island had a Dynast army upon it searching for our cargo. We quickly attacked the army, thinking they were trying to lay claim to one of the dragon lines that have emerged recently in the Isle. A small number escaped, leaving behind a Dragon-Blooded sorcerer named Delio Lefaye, who explained they were interrogating the island’s god, hoping to use her omniscience within her domain to find our contraband. I convinced this small god to swear allegiance to my cause, in exchange for bringing down the Immaculate Order. She is hardly a powerful god, but every allegiance helps.

We took Delio Lefaye as our captive so she wouldn’t tell the Wyld Hunt of our arrival to the Blessed Isle. Her attitude makes me think she believes she is free, but I won’t allow her to stray too far from us. Especially when we reach the Blessed Isle.


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