Tag: Air Aspect


  • Delio Lefaye

    Delio Lefaye spent most of her life belonging to House Tepet. She took to her early studies with enthusiasm, and especially liked learning about Sorcery. After her exaltation she hoped to attend the Heptagram and become a sorcerer, but her family had …

  • Tepet Xuma

    Tepet Xuma is the second-in-command of the [[Golden Legion | Golden Legion]], serving directly under [[:cynis-indry | Cynis Indry]]. Along with the usual duties expected of a captain, he also seems to serve as bodyguard for Indry. He is with the Legion …

  • Tepet Felo

    Felo is a geomancer under the service of [[:cynis-indry | Cynis Indry]] within the [[Golden Legion | Golden Legion]]. He's extremely talented in the occult, the very reason why Indry brought him to a dangerous place like [[Hajuba | Hajuba]].