Speandal is the new capital of the Dragonswrath Plains.

The city was built on a mysterious First Age structure: A great disc inlaid with orichalcum mirrors. As such, there are two parts of the city: below the disc and above the disc. The Lower City is lit during the day via the Orichalcum mirrors, but is home to the peasants and deprived of Speandal. The Upper City can be reached via four elevators attached to the jade pillars that hold up the great disc. Naturally, the Upper City is much nicer and home to the wealthy and the Dynasts who occupy the city. Spaendal and the First Age Structure it was built on top of a poisonous swamp, and the populace of the Lower City is protected from the swamp gases by the local city god Silken Venom.

Speandal’s current ruler is Primarch Sesus Malakarth, who resides in the legendary Spiral-Top Manse.

Recent Activity

Speandal recently hosted a meeting of numerous Dragon-Blooded throughout the Plains, and even a few from the Imperial City. This open forum would come to be known as the Summit of the Maple and Phoenix, for the main discussion had to do with the mysterious revolutionary known as the Ascending Phoenix and the sudden success of the Maple Leaf Shipping company.

Important figures attending the Summit of the Maple and Phoenix included Cathak Dravin,Cathak Ramora,Delio Lefaye,Camreal, Lapis Lazuli (the head of Maple Leaf Shipping), and Sesus Kalak, the Ascending Phoenix

The Lower City has recently heard the word of the Ascending Phoenix, his harbinger preaching his message of a golden age without the Scarlet Dynasty. This culminated with the arrival of the Ascending Phoenix and Riot of the Phoenix in the Lower City. While the riot was effectively quelled, the Ascending Phoenix showed up again less than a week later, using his immense power to destroy the Immaculate Temple. The two halves of the city are now cut off from each other in an attempt to lay siege to the Ascending Phoenix and his followers (who are now trapped in the Lower City).


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